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Photo Producer Code Name
Babolada mleczna Kraft Foods 5903189076079 Babolada mleczna
Babolada biala Kraft Foods 5903189076062 Babolada biala
Alpen Gold 100g Kraft Foods 5909189076000 Alpen Gold 100g
Alpen Gold peanuts 100g Kraft Foods 5903189076017 Alpen Gold peanuts 100g
Alpen Gold raisins&nuts 100g Kraft Foods 5903189076024 Alpen Gold raisins&nuts 100g
Alpen Gold bitter 100g Kraft Foods 5903189076031 Alpen Gold bitter 100g
Alpen Gold white 100g Kraft Foods 5903189076048 Alpen Gold white 100g
Nussbeiser Kraft Foods 5903189076314 Nussbeiser
Milka M-Joy Almonds Kraft Foods 8581040522155 Milka M-Joy Almonds
Milka M-Joy Wholenuts Kraft Foods 8581040522124 Milka M-Joy Wholenuts
Milka M-Joy Caramel Kraft Foods 8581040522131 Milka M-Joy Caramel
Raisins&Nuts 250G Kraft Foods 5901480011638 Raisins&Nuts 250G
Luflee Kraft Foods 7622400004650 Luflee
Milk Kraft Foods 5901480011409 Milk
Hazelnuts Kraft Foods 5901480011416 Hazelnuts
Raisins&Nuts Kraft Foods 5901480011423 Raisins&Nuts
White Kraft Foods 5901480011478 White
Yoghurt Kraft Foods 5901480011454 Yoghurt
Knister Q Kraft Foods 7622400014222 Knister Q
Cream Kraft Foods 5901480011461 Cream
Crispy Cereals Kraft Foods 5901480011430 Crispy Cereals
Happy Cows Kraft Foods 5901480011485 Happy Cows
Strawberry Yoghurt Kraft Foods 5901480011638 Strawberry Yoghurt
Alpine Milk Kraft Foods 5901480011614 Alpine Milk
Whole Nuts Kraft Foods 5901480011621 Whole Nuts
Toblerone 100g Milk Kraft Foods Toblerone 100g Milk
Toblerone 100g White Kraft Foods Toblerone 100g White
Toblerone 100g Dark Kraft Foods Toblerone 100g Dark
Toblerone 50g Milk Kraft Foods Toblerone 50g Milk
Toblerone 36x35g Milk Kraft Foods Toblerone 36x35g Milk
Nutella 400g Ferrero Nutella 400g
Nutella 700g Ferrero Nutella 700g
After Eight 200g Nestle After Eight 200g
After Eight 300G Nestle After Eight 300G

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